I'm having problems with WiFi Tethering. What should I do? I'm having problems with WiFi Tethering. What should I do?

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We have redesigned MyWi 5.0 to be 99%+ successful.  If you are using MyWi, please upgrade to MyWi 4.0.

If you're using MyWi 5.0 - here are some basic troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try rebooting your iDevice (we know - it's not Windows but sometimes a reboot helps)
  2. Turn off WEP.  Believe it or not, many folks mistype the key either on the WiFi tethering side or the client side.
  3. Try another type of laptop/device to connect to the WiFi Hotspot.  Some devices don't support Adhoc Networking, some drivers don't work correctly.  This will help troubleshoot if it's the one device or something else.   For WiFi from Windows please make sure that your computer supports connecting to an Ad-Hoc network. Some Windows 7 users have had to go into the properties for their Wireless NIC (in Device Manager) and enable Ad-Hoc support and/or upgrade their NIC driver. 
  4. Make sure you have uninstalled any other tethering solution. Some apps, like PDANet will run a background service all the time which will prevent another DHCP server from running (which prevents MyWi 5.0 from correctly assigning you an IP Address).

If these steps didn't help, here are some advanced troubleshooting steps:

  1. If you can connect to the WiFi hotspot you created, but can't connect to the internet:
    1. Again - remove WEP and change the name of the WiFi Hotspot SSID on your iDevice and restart the WiFi tethering.  Check the devices WiFi Network settings and see if you have obtained an IP address and a DNS server entry.  If not, please send us a Syslog so we can help troubleshoot.
  2. If you can't start the WiFi Hotspot, try again.  If it continues to not start, and you have rebooted, it might be easiest to restore your iDevice.  We have 100% success rate for users that restore which indicates that they have installed something else on their iDevice which is conflicting.  Again, this can be apps like PDANet or others.

Lastly - please do not use a cracked version.  A reasonably large percentage of folks having problems have a cracked version which does not work.  The cracked versions make the App say it's purchased, but the real part of MyWi knows that your trial is expired.

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