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How do you add and remove widgets from IntelliScreenX?

Can you change weather location in IntelliScreenX?

Why doesn't the "Respring" button work in IntelliScreenX QuickSettings?

Where is the Weather and stocks widget on the iPad?

How do I adjust the number of Calendar events displayed?

How do I choose a calendar displayed in IntelliScreenX?

Does Messages+ work on the iPad?

How do I remove the slide to unlock?

How does the IntelliScreenX Ticker work?

Does IntelliScreenX work on the iPad?

Does IntelliScreenX use additional battery?

How do I use Messages+ only when I've purchased IntelliScreenX

Does IntelliScreenX work with TwitterBot, TwitterList, etc. instead of stock Twitter?

IntelliScreenX is crashing - please help!

My Facetime is not working over 3G with My3G. What's wrong?

Why isn't YouTube showing in High Def with My3G?

I can only see the 'Hold' button when in a phone call. Where is the Facetime button?

Is MyWi 6.0 or My3G a one time fee or monthy?

How Do I setup TruPrint?

TruPrint found my printer, but the print does not work successfully. What can I do?

Will TruPrint work with a USB Printer?

Will TruPrint work with a printer attached to an Airport Extreme?

I can't find my printer in TruPrint. Can I add manually?

I live outside the US. Where IntelliID work for me?

Does it cost a lookup when IntelliID returns the wrong information?

Why does IntelliID sometimes show a City/State?

Does IntelliID return names for Wireless Callers, like AT&T?

What happens when I run out of IntelliID lookups?

The name that IntelliID displayed was wrong, how can I fix the information?

Why can't I see the MyWi 6.0 hotspot on my iPhone 5?

Will MyWi work without a 3G connection?

Can MyWi work with the Wii?

I'm having problems with WiFi Tethering. What should I do?

I already paid for MyWi - Why does it tell me to pay again for MyWi 6.0?

Do I have to pay for tethering with my carrier if I use MyWi/MyWi 6.0?

Can I USB tether and WiFi tether at the same time?

Does MyWi 6.0 support Bluetooth Tethering?

Is MyWi 6.0 or My3G a one time fee or monthy?

What's the difference between Status Bar Icon and Tethering Bar?

What does USB to WiFi bridging mean?

Can MyWi 6.0 create an Infrastructure network instead of Ad-Hoc?

Can MyWi 6.0 work with PS3, PSP, or Kindle?

Are IntelliID, MyWi 6.0, IntelliScreen X, and My3G compatible with iOS 6

Does IntelliScreenX, MyWi 6.0, and My3G run on the iPad?

How many devices can I install my purchased license on?

What happened to Elert, MyProfiles, and IntelliDial?

Do you have any discount codes or combination discounts if I buy many licenses/multiple devices?

I purchased a license - but when I retrieve my license, it says it's a trial license

If I restore my iPhone, will I need to purchase a new license?

Can I transfer my license(s) to a new iPhone?

Do you offer refunds?

What are the requirements to install Intelliborn apps on my iPhone?

How do I install IntelliID, IntelliScreenX, TruPrint, MyWi, Tlert, or My3G on my iPhone?

Will MyWi, IntelliID, IntelliScreenX, Tlert, or My3G be available in the iTunes Store?

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