Does IntelliScreenX use additional battery? Does IntelliScreenX use additional battery?

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11/10/11 Note: We have resolved a consumption issue in update 1.0.25 which affected all previous beta versions for some users in some situations.


IntelliScreenX has been designed to be a very light-weight addition to the Notification Center.  Examples of such are not including WebView's in our widgets to not require extensive CPU processing of touch and data.   

However, there are 3 key components that will change your battery consumption from a typical day's use with and without IntelliScreen.

1) With IntelliScreenX, users have reported greater phone usage as it's been more convenient to use.  This may seem obvious, but we like to point it out anyways :).

2) IntelliScreenX is often accessed on the Lock Screen.   One issue with this is that the"Slide to Unlock" animation uses about 20% CPU to animate.   This will increase your battery consumption as you view content on the Lock Screen.  

3) Stocks Ticker!  We are not big fans of this widget as the animation consumes about 20% CPU to animate, and also fetches data every 30 seconds.   Our recommendation is to remove the Stocks Ticker from notification center.


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